Saturday, April 14, 2018

Quilt Show

This weekend is the MPQG's 40th Quilt Show.

I just barley got my quilts done before they were due on Thursday.  I need to work on realistic amount of time that it takes to do each step...  Still, despite the stress, I am glad that I persevered and got two throw quilts done: Plan V and my daughter Toria's quilt.

I finally got her to finish designing it on Sunday so I could piece it, and then didn't get to sit down to quilt it until Wednesday, so the binding was stitched on at 3 a.m. on Thursday.  Silly me!  But it is done and we can use the scraps to make a pillow without any rushing to meet a deadline.

Saturday, March 31, 2018


Linking up with Meredithe and Anne for 6and6in2018. 

I am working bit by bit on hand-quilting "Plan V" for the quilt show, which is in less than 2 weeks...  Stay focused, Becky!
my 2nd-old-6
I soothe my stress (aka distract myself) with the plain garter-stitch of my first-new-6:

I've also been playing with ombre in my 2nd-new-6:

I bought a "My Small World" kit and began practicing applique with scraps from my BBQAL:

I love purple!

(March) + April OMG - BBQAL

Change in plans: I was one of the lucky winners of 3 yards of wide-back at the beginning of the month (thanks, Rachel of Stitched in Color!) and I really liked this shade, so I changed my plan a bit...   I wanted the backing to be the top, so I decided to stick with just purple squares.  The other colors will become something else, someday.
Sheree, my pretty kitty, and pretty fabrics! Bottom bit is the wide-backing.
Sunny, the big fat cat, on Elda from Mostly Manor by Victoria Findlay Wolfe.
Also, I found out my comforter is not a square.  It is slightly rectangular.  Very glad I gave myself some wiggle room:
fuzzy fuzzy maths
Another important thing that happened this month: I bought a Sizzix Pro and several dies.  I am not a big fan of cutting precise things...  Did you know that 6" squares do not play well with others?  My previously cut squares were not compatible with my new dies for 4.5" or 2.5" squares...  Hmmm.  Time to improvise.

My very first try with the machine, I had to say out-loud "You are not emotionally attached to this fabric - it is a scrap.  You do not even like nautical things like whales..."   :P

Here is my first attempt with purple fabric:
Scary that it leaves marks, but it is supposed to.
little squares and left over bits
Not too bad, eh?

So, I made some four-patches and tried this layout:

sun is behind a cloud

And that layout:
sun came out

I was not super excited about either, so I let it simmer for a few more days.

Decided to take it apart and make more four-patches.  I made a medium sized one with 4.5 and 8.5" squares.  The fabric below was some of the first I bought, back in 2000 ish, when I was 16 years old and could not even afford a skinny quarter.  :P  I think I bought only 1/8 of a yard.

Not my current style, but it is purple.  :)

Then I made a giant four-patch with the original 6"squares in a four-patch paired with 11.5" squares.  I took out the all-polka dot one, so now I have these 3 blocks:

68" ish long!
I missed posting to the March OMG link up.  :(

But I met my (changed) goal and it is still March in my time zone - I'm happy with my progress.

This post will also count as goal setting for April: I am going to applique the squares and put in the zipper and ties I removed from my old duvet.  Linking to Patty at Elm Street Quilts and Rachel's BBQAL.

Friday, March 2, 2018

BBQ-AL, part one

I cut up 11 more squares:

I really liked the post about setting aside a larger chunk of time for the steps that are harder for you.  I need to make me/cutting squares a priority for that one free day I have each week.  Who needs groceries and clean dishes/laundry, right?  :P

still fuzzy maths:
If my duvet cover is 90" and my squares are cut at 6", when I factor in seams, I need 16.3ish squares to cover the width (or length, since it is a square!) so let's go with 16 and it will be 88".  I might make a border, or I might cut more squares, but there is some extra space on the current cover, so maybe 88" will be fine.

16x16 = 256   I like 16 better than 17 because I can sew them into 4 patches.  But if I go with 17, then the pattern (maybe a trip around the world?) can be symmetrical...  Too many choices!

Let's get back to cutting and then I can lay it out.  I want to keep this a flexible plan.  :)

I will use this project as my March OMG (Elm Street Quilts): cut more squares, enough to get me to the half-way point... And this will also be one of my new 6and6 in 2018.  (future link)

Sunday, February 25, 2018

February OMG - done

I got my coast ripple up to a throw size: 56" x 44" 
It is long enough to cover my toes/lap.

I evened out the ends and got both sides bordered in teal.  I didn't add 18 stripes, only 8, because I really do not like having to count... plus I ran out of the Aspen color.

I have since ordered 2 more packs from the Attic24 section at WoolWarehouse: Original and Harmony!  I will go with a plain ol' granny row that requires no counting next time.  :)

I need a break from this blanket for a bit, but I am going to add another round to the border, probably a sc or hdc (UK terms); and make a label before I give it to my mother-out-law when she visits for spring break next month.

Linking back to our lovely host Elm Street Quilts.

One teeny tiny marshmallow and a lid with greasy fingerprints...
side note:  The blue circle is the lid to some tiny marshmallows I bought only YESTERDAY.  Today the kids devoured the whole jar...!  ><   And links are just in case you'd like to see what I'm talking about. I don't know how to set up affiliate links, nor do I want to.  I just like sharing the details.  :)

------ for 6and6:

How did you go? I am done with ripples for a bit...  But I like these colors and I will work with them again.  In fact, I'm making a granny square blanket with them right now.
Did you have fun with something old? I am glad to be 'done' (still have 2 steps to go) with this project.  It will be fun to give it away!
Was it easy to decide what to choose to work on?  Yes, because she is coming to visit soon.
Needed new fabrics for it?  Nope, it all came in the yarn pack.
Were you able to make Substantial Progress with it?  Y es! 

Monday, February 19, 2018

Goal Setting / my Plan for the Big Bed Quilt Along

"I'm in! I want to take my 6" cut squares ( from the Rainbow QAL and turn them into a 90" x 90" (ish) top. Fuzzy math says I need 256 blocks, but I already have 40 of them cut! This will be a duvet cover for my awesome down comforter; reverse side TBD."

February Goals: cut more squares; do the maths
March Goals: more squares
April Goals: sew squares together!

I think I will take apart my current white flannel duvet and use that as the backing.  The other side can be for my next project...?!!

Monday, February 5, 2018

February OMG - Coast Ripple

I started this in the summer of 2015...  Based on Lucy's design/colors.  

My goal is to add 18 more stripes, or what it takes to get to the throw-size I am aiming for.  Linking back to Elm Street Quilts, our lovely host.